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Important Updates for Art in the Park Oakville - 19 Days to Go!

  Important Updates for Art in the Park Oakville - 19 Days to Go! Dear artists, We're just 19 days away from Art in the Park Oakville on August 5th! Here are some important updates: 1 – Higgins Rentals . IMPORTANT DEADLINE: If you are renting from Higgins, or plan to do so, please take note that the last day for artists to order is now FRIDAY JULY 26 TH at 2pm . Please check for anything you might need and order before then. They will be removing the online order form at 3pm from the website. 2 – a few artists have asked me for the social media graphics to promote art in the park. I’ve created an online folder here There are a few different ads, videos and stories. Please grab what you like. Lets flood social media with art in the park 😊 JK – Please share these graphics on your social media to help promo

Art in the Park Oakville - Less Than a Month Away! Get Ready to Shine!

  Hi Everyone, Just a friendly reminder that Art in the Park Oakville is less than a month away – Monday, August 5th, from 10am to 5pm at Waterfront Heritage Park! It's time to dust off your displays, stock up on your best work, and get those sales mechanisms ready! For many artists, cash, cheques, and personal point-of-sale systems (like Square) are popular choices. Sales are the most important part of the day - be prepared! Heads up – the park has public Wi-Fi, but with a big crowd, it might be a little overwhelmed on the day. Consider having offline options for processing sales. Traffic and Parking: Here's an important update: Northbound Bronte Road is currently closed for construction. Be mindful of this when planning your arrival. You can still access the park from Bronte Road southbound, but when leaving, you'll need to use an alternate route northbound, like Jones Street or Nelson Street. The good news is the parking lots next to the fie